A New COIL-OVER Series that can be used with AVS equipped models of Lexus and Toyota. The RS-R iSHOCK Active series retains factory controls. Now thanks to our R&D Department at RS-R Japan also working closely with Lexus, We developed a Coil-over System that retains the Advanced Electronically controlled damper system, Now producing a even more Comfortable ride with Superior Handling and driving stability.
Your AVS dampening and ride control systems still function like factory when you change the drive mode setting in your car from ECO, Normal, Sport and Sport+. only with the Activei you experience an enhanced ride quality and unmatched handling.

Damper force adjustment of the Besti Active and Blacki Active can also be adjusted by the dial at the bottom of the shock to further fine tune your ride.


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 *All RS-R Coilovers come with a 2 year / 25,000km warranty

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