All RS-R products are made in Japan from the highest quality materials available & Backed up by aN Australian 2 YEAR warranty


RS-R-Down Springs
RS-R Hoodie
Ti2000 Springs

At RS-R It is our policy that to fully utilize a car's potential the most cutting edge Technology available should be used from bumper to bumper.


We call our unchanging policy [QPASS]

  • Q is for Quality    (High Quality and stylish Appearance)

  • P is for Price      (Products at an Great Price)

  • A is for Aftercare (Quality Assurance and Aftercare)

  • S is for Sense      (To design and create products that Consumers need and want)

  • S is for Speed      (To constantly develop Technology and stay ahead of Competitors)

To us these things are of utmost importance in providing our customers with high quality products that they can trust. We believe we should always strive to improve and develop in all areas, so that we can provide the consumer with the best possible products available.


Damping Force Adjustment

Adjusting the damping force enables you to change feel of the shock absorber for your ride comfort. From street to circuit the 36 levels of damping force let you choose your ride comfort and tune the shocks compression and rebound to each individuals needs for almost any driving condition.

Ti2000 Springs

RS-R coilovers use the best selling Ti2000 spring which is extremely light and durable. it comes in 3 different spring rates allowing you choose the ride that suits your suspension needs.

Camber tops

The Sports*i coilover kit features steel plate & rubber bush upper mount to minimize noise and friction. *Pillowball uppers are available as a option for quicker steering response and camber adjustment.

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Monotube Piston

The RS-R coilovers are all Monotube hand assembled systems Utilizing components such as; laser cut upper mounts, hand welded lower brackets, vehicle specific valving, are all assembled by hand to ensure quality and detail. Due to its large diameter the valving shim can be fitted to suit each vehicle type.

Shock Oil Used

The quality of oil used in coilovers is extremly important due to the intense heat created by the movement of the pistons. We use top grade high temp resistant oil & specific viscosity for each coilover 

The Silent Roller Bearings

On MacPherson type suspension, as the suspension rotates along with the steering wheel, the coil springs may be prone to twisting.  RS-R suspension utilizes roller bearings to eliminate spring twist noise. Rubber padding is utilized to help eliminate potential noise from suspension movements. 

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