RS-R The number 1 aftermarket Spring manufacturer in Japan is proud to bring their products, technology and knowledge to Australia. RS-R currently offers two types of lowering springs in Australia: 
The DownSuper Down.

RS-R Down Springs provides a lowered 'stance' (look), improved handling while also mantaining ride quality. The RS-R Super Down drops the car even lower for a more aggressive look. 

In both spring options, RS-R stays committed to providing comfort and performance that is matched to your vehicles individual characteristics. RS-R take in consideration all the vehicles factory suspension geometry,
shock dampening, spring rate and ride height levels. This ensures that our Springs provides you with the very best Performance, Handling, Comfort and Look from a Japanese made Performance lowering Spring Set.

370z rs-r down springs
Suzuki Swift with RS-R Down
Toyota Crown RS-R Down
Mini RS-R Down
Mazda CX5 RS-R Down
RS-R Down

Down Springs are RS-R's highest selling product. Our Mission is to provide the user with High Quality Japanese made affordable Spring set, that achieves stylish looks, excellent cornering capability and increased vehicle control while maintaing Ride Quality.

When you drive with Our products, You will Feel & Experience the RS-R Difference.

*All RS-R Down Springs come with a 3 year / 50,000km warranty